Welcome to Djali Solutions, where all that matters is you being happy!

Our Mission

Djali Solutions is a holistic body & mind system designed by Djali Vesela to help you live a happy and healthy life.

Book your private session or join a group session to:

  • Get Calm, De-stressed, Energised, Be Present & Happy
  • Holistically Approach Your Body Issues – to sleep better, alleviate period pains, heal sinus issues and be less ill
  • Develop Your Life to Love Most Days

The services are offered in the English and Czech language by Djali (Spanish and Dutch are also possible), the rest of the team does meditations and therapies also in the French and Russian language.

Our coaching and therapies are based on ACT therapy (last generation of CBT), Mindfulness & Compassion (MBSR & MBCL), and Berkley clairvoyant Energy teachings along with prime Aromatherapy.


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