Clairvoyant Energy Healing & Therapy

What is (Clairvoyant) Energy Healing

This treatment is done lying down comfortably, with spiritual view of the body energy. You are taken into it by turning into trance in a meditation through mindful body tuning, after which the therapist cleanses your aura, chakras, energises them and stabilises them. This treatment provides deep relief and starts overall healing processes.

CZK 1550/60 min.

What is Clairvoyant Therapy

Do you want something more than regular therapy? I like to call this therapy on steroids, as it is extremely effective. You come on average just every 3 weeks rather than once a week. This approach involves talk therapy looking at the patterns blocking you and checking their energy clairvoyantly. Once we spot what doesn’t align we start working with them both on conscious, and energy level through conscious work, energy overview and healing.

This session can be done in person or over Zoom at CZK (USD 71) 1650/55 min.

What is Clairvoyant Energy Reading with Healing?

I like to call this healing on steroids, as the results are quick and deep. It is all about reading energy information using trained heightened perceptive abilities of the senses providing a look at where your energy is right now, and how it connects to the world around you. You get information both how you currently connect to the energy field and how your body is doing. Whenever there seems something misaligned we carry out healing on the spot. This relates to literally all areas of your life: your work, your body, love life, family life and more. We can also pose questions into the energy field and get amazingly enlightening information.

30 min session over Zoom (online video platform) or in person at CZK 1350 (USD 60).

Upon booking, you will receive a link to access your session via video or a confirmation of the booking in person, whichever you choose.