Client Experience

I was in the open mindfulness and meditation class for three times and it is very inspiring. Djali picked up daily topics in our life and we shared our experiences about it. She was able to summarize our thoughts and gave comprehensive solutions to solve problems while telling us how to keep well of ourselves.
With the meditation sessions, the process connects more to your inner self, which the body and mind are recharged.
Djali Solutions is highly recommended!

Ryan, Guitarist February 2020 

Djali runs a wonderful, spiritual place full of calm, beauty and wisdom. A happy place, where you can obtain many tools to solve your problems in fun, easy and comprehensive way. The help she gives is real, tangible and sweet tasting. Are you looking for some support? Talk to Djali, you might be surprised how easy and simple the trouble will melt away.

—Elmar, Film Asset Manager January 2020

The meditation session held by Djali was one of the best, I was in a mid of so much confusion and dissatisfaction of life, my heart and mind was pulling each side. She helped me to focus and relax, also gave a way to continue keeping my cool through some techniques. She showed a way, that in reality my internal self was creating my life experience all along and more importantly not to allow the troubles in my mind to steal too much of my time.!! Loads to Thanks to her, already looking forward for the next session.

—Anitha, January 2020

I was very pleasantly surprised. The depth that Djali descended with me was very powerful and very pleasant. She is an experienced guide, coach and healer who knows what she can do and can sell a lot. I look forward to the next visit.

—Milan, November 2019

I have known Djali for many years. She is open and does so many things. She taught me to meditate and leads me further into the spiritual world. I have trust in her. And I always look forward to meeting her.

—Saša, Entrepreneur November 2019

I highly recommend Djali! She has recently done a clairvoyant reading of me and the accuracy of the information she read about me was uncanny! Thank you Djali!

Luc, November 2019

Djali Vesela has provided me with several services. Her professionalism and abilities are phenomenal. Although I live in the United States she was able to give me an amazing Clairvoyant reading as well as a healing. We set a date and time, she then provided me with links, tools and instructions. Djali made me feel very comfortable. It was a wonderful experience, well worth the investment of time & money. Thank you so much for sharing your gifted abilities with me! Blessings.

— Pamela, November 2019

A recent huge health problem has forced to me to take it easy and not run through life anymore, physically and mentally. I understood I could not do this alone. Djali helped me a lot by giving me guidance in mindfulness and meditation. Thank you very much, Djali for your kindness, your patience and understanding, and your valuable assistance.

— Sophie, European Union Consul to Prague and Brussels August 2019

This has been a hell of a transformation, from someone with little will to live, with self destructive behaviours into a happy being who is pursuing her goals. I don’t know what I would have become if it hadn’t not been for the mindfulness path and therapy. I finally feel like a valuable person who knows what to do next. Thank you!

— Belle, Dancer May 2018

Thank you for all the help and happiness, Djali. Can’t wait to do it again. I am finally getting an idea how to find my passion and how to decide where to head.

— Harry, Real Estate Flipper & Owner September 2017

First I did not believe, but after the using oils I was really surprised. I believe in their power and I am excited now to become a mom soon.

— Michaela, Project Manager August 2017

Thank you for all you do. I am off antidepressants, easy to be in a relationship without drama, my sleep is incredible. I feel recharged after every session. I don’t what else say. It’s amazing.

— Marko, Innovations Professional July 2017

I was really worried I would have trouble with this pregnancy when I was diagnosed with cervix incompetency. Yet, Djali helped me with her oils, herbs, meditations and affirmations. A month later, my cervix got closed and now we have a beautiful healthy baby girl.

— Eva, EU Commission  April 2017

I can finally sleep well, and apply the meditation wherever I am. Djali has also helped me to resolve some for me hard to see private issues that were so easily guided through with her advice.

—Karel, Venture Capitalist February 2017