Client Experience

A recent huge health problem has forced to me to take it easy and not run through life anymore, physically and mentally. I understood I could not do this alone. Djali helped me a lot by giving me guidance in mindfulness and meditation. Thank you very much, Djali for your kindness, your patience and understanding, and your valuable assistance.

— Sophie, European Union Consul to Prague and Brussels August 2019

This has been a hell of a transformation, from someone with little will to live, with self destructive behaviours into a happy being who is pursuing her goals. I don’t know what I would have become if it hadn’t not been for the mindfulness path and therapy. I finally feel like a valuable person who knows what to do next. Thank you!

— Belle, Dancer May 2018

Thank you for all the help and happiness, Djali. Can’t wait to do it again. I am finally getting an idea how to find my passion and how to decide where to head.

— Harry, Real Estate Flipper & Owner September 2017

First I did not believe, but after the using oils I was really surprised. I believe in their power and I am excited now to become a mom soon.

— Michaela, Project Manager August 2017

Thank you for all you do. I am off antidepressants, easy to be in a relationship without drama, my sleep is incredible. I feel recharged after every session. I don’t what else say. It’s amazing.

— Marko, Innovations Professional July 2017

I was really worried I would have trouble with this pregnancy when I was diagnosed with cervix incompetency. Yet, Djali helped me with her oils, herbs, meditations and affirmations. A month later, my cervix got closed and now we have a beautiful healthy baby girl.

— Eva, EU Commission  April 2017

I can finally sleep well, and apply the meditation wherever I am. Djali has also helped me to resolve some for me hard to see private issues that were so easily guided through with her advice.

—Karel, Venture Capitalist February 2017