Mindfulness, Energy, Meditation & Groups

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us live with greater calm, ease, and balance. When we practice mindfulness, we cultivate skills that are essential for human living: we learn to pay attention, calm down, and nurture joy. We make time for our own self-care in the middle of our busy days.

Mindfulness Coaching is personalized attention, guidance, and instruction in mindfulness and meditation helping to reduce your stress and find your joy.

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Meditation & Mindfulness group sessions online

Thursdays from 6.45 pm till 8pm CET, helping  establish regular practice.

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Energy Clearing meditative workshops

Every other Friday live or get the recording to do it on your own time

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Compassion Coaching is usually done as follow up sessions to Mindfulness coaching. In Compassion we take Mindfulness a step further. Once we have opened up to being here and now, we may realise we do not like many things around us. Compassion helps us open and soften our heart to take life easier and make it smoother. If we were to name some topics it would be about:
– Stopping being so hard on yourself
– Handling difficult emotions with greater ease
– Motivating yourself with encouragement rather than criticism
– Transforming difficult relationships