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News: 6th March 2020

We have conducted a workshop on Mindfulness and Compassion to 34 people, in Czech language. While we thought few would come due to corona virus.

Wisdom: 5th March 2020

Wisdom: 4th March 2020

News: 28th February 2020

This is what my new Energy Healing looks like when working on a pregnant client – having lymph flow better and preparing for smooth delivery (due date in 2 weeks). ❤️
Once you manage to get along with your family, you are a true master 😀
This one is unbelievable, Hana this client of mine, came to me a few weeks ago saying her baby was in breach position. We looked into the baby clairvoyantly, connected with her and through energy work, affirmations and visualisations we managed to make the baby flip just in time before she grew out of the room. Now the mummy-to be can deliver naturally!