Our Specialists & Services

Djali Vesela

The founder, main therapist and a mindfulness coach, certified and trained in mindfulness, psychology, coaching, well-being, clairvoyant energy healing & therapy, aromatherapy and ayurveda. Djali works both in Prague and London.

  • Mindfulness & Energy Coaching – 90 min. sessions. Session by session you realise how easy it is to sink in into ‘here and now’ and how to implement it in your daily life. The practice brings you greater joy of life and happiness. I also use my energy knowledge to uplift you and enlighten you.
  • Energy Healing – 60 min. This treatment is done lying down comfortably, with spiritual view of the body energy. You are taken into it by turning into trance in a meditation and then mindful body tuning, after which the the therapist cleanses your aura, chakras, energises them and stabilises them. This treatment provides deep relief and starts overall healing processes.
  • Compassion Coaching – 90 min. sessions helping with how to: stop being so hard on yourself, handle difficult emotions with greater ease,  motivate yourself with encouragement rather than criticism, transform difficult relationships.
  • Learning to Meditate & Be Mindful – 60 min. This session is great for beginners to learn how to practise on their own. This session can serve as a jump start for overall body heaviness release and ailment recovery. You will typically need 3-5 sessions.
  • Wellbeing Therapy – Holistic (psycho)therapy looking not only at how your mind is doing but also, but your body and life habits relate to it.
  • Group Courses Mindfulness, Compassion & Wellbeing – A more affordable way how to learn and adopt mindfulness. See details here http://www.mindfulnesscoach.cz/group-course


     Olga Mutínská

Nutritionist & Touch Therapist

Olga’s services are currently in Czech only.                                                                                                             


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Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy is a mindfulness‑based, scientifically‑developed system of bodywork most known for its effectiveness in problems involving the connective tissue and musculature of the head, neck, and spine.

We all have an innate body intelligence,  this intelligence, informs and heals us throughout life. It is a rhythmic impulse that can sensed in bones, tissues, membranes, and the fluids of the body.

 I offer individual treatment sessions using informed, noninvasive touch… by listening through the layers of tissue and tension we can  engage a person’s innate healing resources.

By supporting the body’s own abilities to restore and find balance, we can work with the  interconnectedness of individual patterns. So that we can connect to the wholeness we already are.


Monika Skopalová

Homeopath – to book please contact Monika directly at homeohelp@centrum.cz

  • In-take session – 100 min.
  • Follow up session – 60 min.

Charlotte Vrindavani

Charlotte is a certified nutritionist, Simply Meditation teacher, and a life style coach.

  • Nutrition Consulting – 60 min. of tailored advice how to adjust your diet as to achieve the best energy levels and optimal mind balance. Charlotte will also equip you with healthy yet utterly tasty recipes, fit exactly for you body type and your life style set up.
  • Cooking Coaching – a four hour course tailored to your dietary needs, with quick and easy tips how to implement healthy cooking into your every day life and sustain it.
  • Simply Meditation Course – 2-3 x 120 min. of a meditation course, equipping you with a set of techniques to take home for your easily applicable daily meditation practice. The course is bliss of relaxation done with candles, essential oils, herbal tea and fruit refreshment.
  •  Meditation Session – 35 min. come for a follow up, or just drop in for a blissful session of a meditation.
  • Integrated Life style Coaching – 60 min. of consulting on where your life should be heading and what tools to apply. Charlotte reaches deeply into the past, gathering wisdom from East and West, while still staying current with the frontiers of new discovery in cognitive science, genetics, and other disciplines.
  • Om Chanting – Come to chant with us , under Charlotte’s guidance, to experience emotional well-being, transform negativity into positive energy with our group practice that uses the transformational power of OM. Om chanting is scheduled based on demand and current universe constellation. Capacity 14 attendees.

Ekaterini Koliai

Art of Living certified meditation teacher, yoga teacher of Sri Sri Yoga and Yin Yoga.  Enjoy her company charged with positive energy at a meditation course in our Rhodes Retreat villa.